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Misty Burnette LMBT #6971

Wellness Packages & Add Ons

Assessments include a thorough written and verbal intake with ROM test for flexibility. $15


Wellness Packages

Packages are purchased in sets in 3 or 5.

(3) 30min $105          (5) 30min $175

(3) 55min $168          (5) 55min $280

(3) 85min $240         (5) 85min $400


Headache Relief Package

This package has (3) 90min sessions and is for headache sufferers.  Each session includes a 15min Assessment, 15min Hot Stone Massage on the Neck and Upper Back, 45min massage of the Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Back Muscles, and 15min of Stretching. In order get good results the massages need to be done within a month and will be scheduled that way.  $315


Add Ons

Moist Heat Treatment

The moist heat treatment uses moist heated towels plus 2 topical ointments to get into the muscles at a deeper level. $12



Passive stretching done by the therapist while the client is relaxed. $1/min


Hot Towels

Warm moist towels are added to specific areas of the body during your massage to warm the muscles. $5



Essential oils are added to the lotion used during your massage. $7


Foot Soak

The foot soak is used to draw out toxins.  The soak can be used with herbs for a desired effect.  Several options to choose from. $12

(Cayenne, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Garlic, Ginger, Lavender, Lemon, and Therapeutic Mustard)


Foot Scrub

The foot scrubs uses sugar or salt, oil, and essential oils to soothe the mind and smooth tired achy feet. $12




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