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Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Program 

I have created a loyalty program for people who want to receive massages regularly.  If you join the loyalty program you will receive a discount on your monthly massage.  A massage once a month is great for maintenance to keep your muscles loose, your body healthy, and you less stressed.  There is a policy for the loyalty program.  You have to come in at least once a month to receive the discounted price.  If you miss a month, you will pay full price for your next massage and will be eligible to join the loyalty program again the following month.  Pricing is below. 

Swedish or Deep Tissue

1 hour $56

1 1/2 hour $80




Loyalty Program 2

The loyalty program 2 has the same policies as the first loyalty program.   The difference is how often you come in and the pricing.  With this one you come in every 2 months and pricing is below.


Swedish or Deep Tissue

1 hour $59

1 1/2 hour $85




This is a win win, who doesn't love a discount and a massage!!!











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